How to create you own capsule wardrobe in only 4 steps!

Hi guys! I’m here again. And I come back with a very special post. This time I’m going to show you how to do your own capsule wardrobe.

For those who don’t know exactly what a capsule wardrobe is, it is a selection of basics (clothes, shoes and accesories), that will never be unfashioned. With this selection we can make a complete wardrobe with we can make so many different looks for this season. I like to have my capsule wardrobe and then complete it with some trendy pieces of each season. But this is completely optional and you can have a beautiful, diverse and functional wardrobe with only basics.

Create a capsule wardrobe is such a good idea because it helps us to buy in a more sustainable way. We only buy the clothes that we truly need. Moreover our closet will be cleaner and tidier than before due to the reduction of clothes in it.

Another thing that you must know about the capsule wardrobes is that there are as many as people live in the world. Each one have our own style and needs, so there isn’t an exact number of clothes that make the perfect capsule wardrobe. We need to do the wardrobe that adapts better for each one of us. By the way, fashion experts say that a capsule wardrobe between 30 or 40 clothes should be enough.

So, it’s time to show you all the steps that I follow to create my own capsule wardrobe and you can do too. Are you ready?

STEP 1- The list

This is the most necessary step that you must do to create your capsule wardrobe. And it’s not because I’m a super fan of making lists. It’s because in this list you will include all the clothes that you believe you surely will need for this season. Let me remind you that your wardrobe must be align with your fashion style, and also with your lifestyle. For example some of you might need formal clothes for your work, other ones might need informal clothes, comfy clothes, etc. That’s why this is the most important step. So relax and take your time to do it.

In my list I did a selection of 34 pieces, including shoes and some accessories. Down below I will show you my full capsule wardrobe so you can take a look at it and used it for inspiration if you want it.

STEP 2- Color palette

If we are only going to have 34 pieces in our capsule wardrobe, (in my case), the ideal thing is that every of them belongs to a color palette for them to combine perfectly well between them. So we could create beautiful and different outfits. You are the one who are going to create this color palette, so it’s important that it represents you. You must include colors that you like, and make you feel yourself. In my case, I love neutrals and pastel color for winter. So this is my palette.

paleta armario capsula tullie marie

There aren’t an exact number of colors to create your palette with. I think that between 6 and 10 colors is perfect. But you can include as much as you like, but always trying to choose colors that combine well between them or some of them.

TEP 3- Closet cleaning

The best moment to create our capsule wardrobe is when we are switching our closet between seasons. That’s because this is the moment when we can see how many clothes of our list we already have, and how many pieces are left. All the clothes that we don’t want to keep because are unfashioned or just don’t have a place in our capsule wardrobe, we could donate it, sell it our recycling it. The good thing about the capsule wardrobes is that they are creating by basics, so you might have almost every cloth of your list at home yet.

STEP 4- Complete your capsule wardrobe

The last step is complete our wardrobe by buying the pieces of our list that are left. And finally, we will have a functional capsule wardrobe that we could use for many many time.

And well, I promised before, here down below, I’m going to show you my capsule wardrobe with 34 pieces for the “Fall/ Winter season”.  

  1. Blue Jeans
  2. Beige jeans
  3. Black leather trousers
  4. Black mini skirt
  5. Plaid mini skirt
  6. Pattern Midi skirt
  7. White long sleeve t-shirt
  8. Black long sleeve t-shirt
  9. Striped long sleeve t-shirt
  10. Black blouse
  11. White blouse
  12. Party Little black dress
  13. Pattern dress
  14. Turtle neck sweater
  15. Light sweater
  16. Thick sweater
  17. Cardigan
  18. Hoodie sweater
  19. Blazer
  20. Long coat
  21. Leather jacket
  22. Scarf
  23. Silk scarf
  24. Mini bag
  25. Shopper bag
  26. Beanie
  27. Beret
  28. Black tights/pantyhose
  29. Ankle boots
  30. Boots
  31. Sneakers
  32. Ballerinas/Mary Jane
  33. High heel sandals
  34. Loafers

Do you like it? Are you willing to create your own capsule wardrobe? Let me know on the comments below. And as you know, you could follow me on Instagram and Pinterest. ALso, if you have any doubt or suggestion you could write me by my blog email.

See you soon! Xxxx

*In colaboration with APPRL to create my capsule wardrobe


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